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The World of Miko Dolls

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Handmade Traditional Japanese Festival Scene

Girls Day Miko Dolls Display - March 3rd


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HandmadeTraditional Japanese Festival Scene

Boys Day Miko Dolls Display - May 5th


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    Handmade Traditional 
Japanese Festival Scene    

Matsuri Summer Festival

Dashi or (Festival Float) have huge statues that put on top
of the float and are carried on wheels.

Mikoshi or (Portable Shrine) are carried through the streets
that are close to the shire as a sign of respect.
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    Handmade Traditional Japanese Scene    


New Years's Hane Tsuki

Hane Tsuki is when many children in
Japan enjoy playing Badminton to
celebrate the New Year 
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    Miko Dolls will take you to Ancient Japan!     

As you celebrate at the: 
 Matsuri Taiko Summer Festival!

Taiko means Drum 
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 Celebrate Hina Matsuri on March 3rd! 

                         Hina Matsuri  means  Girl's Day

      Girls make paper dolls to put in the river  and that helps take away 
      illness or any other problems that the girl has.    

                            Celebrate Shichi-Go-San

    Shichi-Go-San is Seven-Five-Three is observed on November 15th 
    and is a national event in Autumn.  It is a day when boys and girls 
    who are seven, five or three are dressed in their finest clothes and 
    taken to the shrine and is a tradtion for the kids to be protected and 
    blessed by the local guardians.   

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Traditions, Festivals and More

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  Miko Dolls will take you Through Japanese Fairy Tales!

The Bamboo Princess
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The story of the Japanese Fairy Tale, 
“The Bamboo Princess”,  
dates back around 1,000 years ago.
A very old bamboo cutter and his wife were childless.  
One day the bamboo cutter was hard at workwhen he 
noticed a golden light shining from inside one of the bamboo.  

He carefully cut it open and to his surprise he found inside  
a small baby girl – only as big as his thumb.  He excitedly hurried 
 home with the baby girl to show his  wife.  They were afraid to leave the baby 
alone, so they raised her as their own child and named her Bamboo Princess.   
 Many years past by and Bamboo Princess grew into a very  beautiful 
young lady.  Princes from all  over the land came and wanted to
marry Bamboo Princess.  Being older, Bamboo Princess knew that she
could not marry and that she would only be on earth for a short 
time longer  only long enough to care for the old bamboo cutter and his wife.
Bamboo Princess knew that when the next full moon appeared,  it would 
be time to leave and return back to the moon where she came from.  
The bamboo cutter and his wife were so sad to  know the Bamboo 
Princess would leave them, but they were so greatful that she came to 
be with them and that she brought such happiness and good fortune.  
The old bamboo cutter and his wife would  smile everytime they 
looked up at the night sky and saw a full moon.


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"Origami Art" Traditional Japanese Folding Paper Art Craft


Miko Dolls introduces:

Engi Mono Kazari which means Japanese Good Luck symbol decorations



1. Origami for Children

2. Origami for ceremonial and Religious reasons


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"Tsumami Zaiku" and "Musubi" Traditional Japanese Art Craft

Miko Dolls introduces:

Engi Mono Kazari which means Japanese Good Luck symbol decorations

Musubi & Tsumami Zaiku
(Hair Comb Design)

(Hair Pin Design)

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